Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teacher, Classroom, and Student

For the past month I have been attempting to learn Latin American Spanish, via computer program. By 'attempting' I by no means imply a lack of progress; the program is immersion based, and solitary submersion in a single topic is very close to my ideal learning style. I have already completed the second level of the course and moved on to the third (the levels are approx. the same as a semester course).
However, I am beginning to notice a very important draw back to this particular system. I come to realize that while I am learning a language, a code specifically used for communication, my lack of teachers and fellow students greatly inhibits my ability to find someone else who speaks it!
I am aware that a language as common as Spanish will have a purpose at some point in the future, but in the meantime if I wish to practice the only one available for conversation is myself.
Knowledge seems to have little use, when neither applied, nor shared with another. :)


  1. Hey there Jessie girl. Right now you are sleeping down stairs. It was very early in the day when you went to sleep. So that will mean you will most likely be up half the night.
    Just guessing but I thinking that is how it works.
    I am liking your blog spot so far. I will look forward to your insights and interesting stories.
    Love Mom

  2. Well usually that is how it works, however I've been rather sleep deprived lately, thus I've only been up since 6:45.