Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And to the Ball I Shall Wear a Bright Blue Tee.

Last Saturday was the opening day of the new building at work, we of course held this extravaganza two months after it opened for business in order to make as little sense as possible. Despite the promise of a free water bottle, live music, a clown, and some guy from a local radio station, I never became exceptionally excited about the prospect of shoving a few hundred people into a building that usually houses no more than sixty customers at once.
Not that there is anything inherently wrong with the idea, an opening creates attention, raising our profile in the public eye, as well as bringing in new patrons who would have otherwise avoided us if not for the special occasion. So at least from the viewpoint of our institution I understand the reasoning behind it. On the other hand I utterly fail to comprehend the thought process that leads to someone going to a place on a certain day that they explicitly know is going to be freakishly busy; maybe I should try eating more vegetables.
Call me asocial, but I've never been fond of large amounts of people; individuals certainly, but people, especially in crowds tend to make me panic and barricade myself in the nearest supplies closet/bathroom, in order to hyperventilate in private. Gee, I really do prefer quiet, solitary atmospheres, maybe that's why I work at a library.
I can't say much for the success of the event, when I asked a few of my supervisors about how we did, they all told me that it had been very busy and seemed to be unaware that I had been working with them on the day in question, no other information was given, despite numerous solicitations. I have added this to their portfolio as further evidence of my suspicion that most of them are animatronic.
I became a bit stressed during the later half of the day, due to the noise level; thus I spent three hours pretending to be a spy.
Very relaxing

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