Sunday, August 2, 2009

I have received my very first cell phone; admittedly not the most impressive thing considering the ten year old ‘crossing guard’ at my niece’s school got one months ago, but be quiet this is a big step for me.
I was pretty nervous when we went to set up an account. My mother remarked that my reluctance to possess new technology was highly abnormal for someone who owns a personal laptop and operates it several hours a day. My being upset with the addition of the phone to my repertoire is most likely due to my dislike of spending money, or my more irrational dislike of change in any form.
Despite my misgivings I do realize the convenience of being available for contact regardless of location (inability to reach me while out of household was a major reason for getting the cellular) and I have made attempts to accept the concept. After all, raging against the change is irrational, and unlikely to negate the necessity of it.
In other news my mother has supplied me with so much perishable food I will have to eat 0.7 kg a day if I hope to consume all of it before it expires; this is either an expression of affection or a nefarious plot to make me eat until I am extremely ill. The first is far more likely as I am unable to think of anything I have done that could have earned her displeasure and the blueberries are very tasty.

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