Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the past year and a half the persons of my household have been looking after the two daughters of my eldest sister during the day, a moderate portion of their stays I supervised directly.

Madison, the elder of the two is six years old, Guinevere the younger is two years; I find myself very fond of them. I have spent time with children before these two, but rarely on a regular basis, and never where I was in a position of authority. My interactions with them often vary quite widely; from games of pretend to video games, from long talks to cake baking. I believe that they feel fondness towards me as well.

This fall we will be unable to continue our previous care, due to my youngest sister proceeding with her career ambitions, my attending college, and everyone else’s erratic schedules. For me this is somewhat disquieting.

I worry about them, an unusual sentiment for me considering my usually undemonstrative nature. Never the less I feel a depth of affection for them which rarely extends beyond a bare few. I know that they will have a great deal of time that I shall not experience with them; while I do not begrudge them the happy times I worry about the troubles that eventually come to all people. I want to protect them, even though I know that, such a task is not for me, but for their parents.

I wish them well.


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