Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spicy Flavored

In preparation for becoming an ‘impoverished college student’ and no longer having full access to a kitchen at my mid-day meal, it was suggested that I experiment with instant ramen that is packaged in its’ own bowl. A flat of a dozen of these ramen bowls was purchased so that I could test the meals and judge as to whether they suited my purposes.
The tops of the bowls proudly state that they are ‘Hot & Spicy Flavored’.
While I have eaten many things that are hot, and many things that are spicy, I have never before encountered anything that declared itself to be hot & spicy flavored.
Yesterday I was given an opportunity to test the meal in the field. I work part-time and usually my weekday shifts are two hours long, on Monday however, all of my coworkers in my department were, without exception, out of town. Thus, triple shift.
I arrived at opening and worked until midday, at which time I decided to take my lunch break.
Upon sampling the soup I must say, it is in fact hot & spicy flavored. After 2.5 glasses of water I managed to eat it all. It is certainly not the hottest food I have ever eaten (the hottest food I have ever eaten was a Costa Rican pepper that caused me to make noises at a pitch not generally produced by human beings), but if you find the prospect of eating hot salsa forbidding I would not recommend it. Tasty though.
Upon closer inspection of the ingredient listing I came to the conclusion a more literal description of the soup's flavoring would be beef and red pepper.

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