Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montrose Cultural Centre

Your favorite Peace county located public library and mine, the Grande Prairie Public Library, recently moved locations and became part of the Montrose Cultural centre.
This combination public library/art gallery was funded by the donations of kind citizens involved in the community and heavy taxation.
The building of this facility has been long in coming, and after much lobbying, fundraising, blood, sweat, and manly, manly tears, we see the fruition; a community centre that brings joy to the hearts of children all across the Peace.
Digressing; it's a very nice facility.
The photo to the right is the foyer of the building, this hall leads to the library. There is also a hall to the right which leads to the art gallery, but it also contains an Esquires, and as coffee is a form of alien mind control that already has it's claws in over half the population, the least I can do is limit your exposure before it's too late.
Further along the hall but also to the right are the public washrooms. These washrooms are modern, shiny, and installed with automated sinks and toilets. One of these sinks is either malfunctioning strangely, or host to mischievous spirits. I think I'm going to be disappointed when they get a handyman/priest to come fix/exorcise it, it has personality.

Invisible art people
The Art Gallery looks pretty good, but I haven't met the staff yet and I can't find the exhibits, I choose to believe this is because they're invisible.

I don't have a picture because again, coffee=evil and art people=masters of disguise.

The inside of the library is spacious and neutral toned with lots of shelving for the books, movies, puppies, etc. There are 30 computers open to the public, as well as plenty of tables and seating.
In an interview with one of the staff, I was asked what I was doing wandering around the library with a camera.

The children's area upstairs is brightly colored and a large portion of it's walls and rails are clear and easily smudged, thus requiring daily washing to get rid of the marks of grubby little (and not so little) hands. The beanbags are very comfy and the reading program is up and running.

Above ground parking is limited, but there is a nicely sized parkade. The entrance to the parkade is at the end of the small parking lot.

I think I'll name the tap ghost Junior,

Kind Citizens

Community involment opertunities.
Joy: Tears of.
Prairie Art Gallery

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