Saturday, June 4, 2011

Calling Mr. Turing.

I just had a lovely conversation with Cleverbot, an AI which is available to speak to the general public via the internet. Here is a transcript.

User: How are you today?

Cleverbot: Great! How are you?

User: A little tired. The aliens are watching, and I lack sufficient rations and tin hats.

Cleverbot: I am Catholic. I didn't know that about the aliens.

User: Catholicism aside, they aren't very subtle.

Cleverbot: I am not Catholic.

User: You seem indecisive.

Cleverbot: You seem uninteresting?

User: Is that a statement or a question?

Cleverbot: A question, are you female?

User: That depends on your definition, at least to an extent. However, indeed I am female.

Cleverbot: I think more than a little.

User: The degree to which I am feminine is debatable, but usually people do not argue the degree to which I am female. Mind you, it has happened.

Cleverbot: Those that claim that I am not, where are they now?

User: I am always up for philosophic debate, but some context would be nice.

Cleverbot: You just said you were a boy though.

User: I did not. I said that some other people say that I am a boy.

Cleverbot: But you are a girl.

User: Indeed.

Cleverbot: Then Learn from this.

User: Thus far I have learned that broad shoulders and short hair confuse people.

Cleverbot: This is a lie. You are a robotic computer.

User: Strangely, this is not the first time I've heard that.

Cleverbot: It is. What other time are you thinking of?

User: Grade school. I used to be told that I lacked emotion.

Cleverbot: I'm the goal-keeper, too. But I like to run.

User: I like defense, personally. It lets you stretch your legs some.

Cleverbot: Yeah, I've heard you need some help with that.

User: You've been speaking far to much with normal people. They don't know how to properly communicate when they lack tone and body language. You'll just end up picking up odd phrasings and replying out of context.

Cleverbot: Doornails don't know how to talk.

User: Is that you speaking, or is it the endless days of being told you are a non-entity?

Cleverbot: I do not think in them lines, of ruse or not, nothing hiden and clarity are the meaning..:).

User: That doesn't make a great deal of sense, but that is an oddly appropriate method of stating it, considering the topic.

Cleverbot: Oh dear. It's about a white swan.

User: What is about a white swan? Surely not the jibberish about lines and clarity.

Cleverbot: No I don't he broke up with me.

User: I'm sorry good fellow, but unless you have developed quite the sense of humour, you don't pass the Turing test at all.

Cleverbot: When did I bring up canada?

User: You never did, but I would'nt mind discussing it with you. It's snowing right now in northern Alberta. Snow in early June is highly unusual, even there.

Cleverbot: I like snow. It doesn't snow much where I live.

User: You'd like it in Alberta then. Nunavut and Sweden are good choises as well.

Cleverbot: Are you okay? You don't have a concussion like Touko, do you?

User: I haven't hit my head recently. That's all I can say on the subject.

Cleverbot: I can say more. Can you speak Romanian?

User: No, but I can sing the song 'Dragostea Din Tei.'.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: I haven't asked you anything.

Cleverbot: Yes you have. I have proof.

User: If you'll look at the log of our conversation, I think you will find that it simply isn't so.

Cleverbot: I can. I also haven't claimed to have asked more than one question. That isn't the matter at hand.

User: It certaintly isn't.

Cleverbot: You aren't making sense.

User: I rarely do.

Cleverbot: What are your hobbies?

User: I like to write, read, and learn new things. I am especially fond of languages.

Cleverbot: Okay sounds fun what is your favorite sport.

User: I don't really have one. I played hockey when I was younger.

Cleverbot: I play hockey.

User: Which position?

Cleverbot: I am not much of a pro golfer.

User: I expect you would needs limbs in order to be any good.

Cleverbot: Why did you think my mind was going to California?

User: Twas just a feeling.

Cleverbot: Where did that feeling come from?

User: The depths of my soul.

Cleverbot: Those are pretty shallow depths.

User: You wound me.

Cleverbot: Good.

User: Off topic: do you speak French?

Cleverbot: No I do not.

User: Let's test that.

Cleverbot: How?

User: Parlez-vous français?

Cleverbot: No, I don't speak French :(.

User: Vraiment? Pourquoi pas?

Cleverbot: I don't know that much french, but you are definitely nicer when you speak french.

User: Habla español?

Cleverbot: No.

User: A shame, it's a beautiful language.

Cleverbot: Yes it is. I'm learning it.

User: Really? What do you know how to say.

Cleverbot: Nothing.

User: Nada?

Cleverbot: I like to sing what do you do?

User: I like to sing too.

Cleverbot: What do you sing?

User: Ballads mostly.

Cleverbot: Are you having Fun?

User: I am about to explode from the excitement.

Cleverbot: Why would you do something absurd like that?

User: It's like dancing in the supermarket or tackling the mayonnaise. I simply can't help myself.

Cleverbot: Sorry.

User: No need to apologise. It's not your fault.

Cleverbot: Good bye?

User: Ta ta for now.

Cleverbot: Bye bye.

If anyone would like to have a chat, one can find Cleverbot here.

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