Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1. What would you do without Chail?

...I don't know. She is my primary source of socialization, though we have little in common in terms of interests. It is difficult to imagine a world where I could not have Chail, the person who perhaps understands me best.

2. Describe M. Kallel in five words.

Enthousiaste, heureuse, joyeuse, interesante et crazy.

3. Does Clint make you hot?

...That is a most unfortunate question, considering our relationship is of the familial variety.

4. Would you open a mystery gift Kitty just gave you, without much hesitation?

Yup. And even if it ended up being a trap, I'd open another mystery gift from her without blinking.

5. What was your first impression of Melinda?

WHAT IS THIS STRANGE NEW CREATURE? I don't know if I'd say it was immediate, but I was rather enthralled with Melinda during our early acquaintance. My first impression was that I had found someone equally interesting in being witty for the sake of being witty, which made me rather happy.

6. Is KeiLei your best friend?

Difficult question. I tend to have friends for different purposes that have very little overlap. Going by the traditional meaning of "best friend," however, the term more closely fits my relationship with Melinda. KeiLei and I are more along the line of Platonic sweethearts, romantic friends in the tradition of the Victorians.

7. Who is Mummy's best friend?

Me, silly! :P
In truth, I don't know. Her friend Teresa is a good candidate.

8. If Kezia were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?

I have no idea. I can think of no one whom she resembles physically and her personality is, in my opinion, unique.

9. If Natalya and Melinda teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?

Goodness gracious. Well, they could separately accomplish anything to which either of them put their mind. Despite the fact that Natalya's time around Chail has inoculated her somewhat to spectacularly boorish behaviour, I suspect Melinda's primary accomplishment would be driving Natalya's eyebrow right up her forehead.

10. Who would win in a duel, Kaylee or Kitty? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?

Kitty, hands down. She's not afraid to fight dirty, and Kaylee would likely get distracted. Kitty would weild a mighty pen. Kaylee would pick either a stuffed unicorn or a lemon.

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