Saturday, March 24, 2012

Got a lot done over the past day or so. Very exciting. Spent most of today wondering why I felt so tense and anxious before realizing that I had 5 cups of tea at noon for giggles. Note that I put two bags of dark tea and a generous dollop of honey in every cup, and I rarely consume caffeine at all.
Yeah. It's amazing I didn't re-grout the bathroom floor and call up the Prime Minister to tell him all my neat ideas about how to strengthen the economy. (Giant. Balloon. Dog. THINK ABOUT IT.)
I was supposed to have a debate in Canadian Politics today, but my opposite failed to come to class. Shame, I was looking forward to it. Mother was more offended than I was, but she has views about people who fail to hold up commitments. She's also quite protective.
I have weird moments of dissonance when other people talk about their parents, and Mummy's a big part of why. I wouldn't call my mother perfect, she doesn't like it, but compared to many parents out there, she's a saint. She cares about my future beyond how it reflects on her; she'd never belittle my dreams; she always cares when I'm sad. She's not even the traditional motherly type! She's a truck driver with a twisted sense of humour and a chip on her shoulder. You wouldn't believe how many jokes about death, grevious bodily harm, and drugs I knew before the age of 12. What is wrong with other people's parents that their relationships end up this way? I know there's two sides to everything, but this is just messed up. I feel like the only person with a amicable relationship with one or more parent(s).

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