Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The inevitable has happened: I have been told by a teacher not to feel ignored if they do not call on me. This may sound odd, but it happens often; at least it does to me.
The primary reason for this is my love of answering questions, which was never really curbed, because only rarely in any class I was in did another student wish to answer. Ostensibly the reasoning most of my teachers neglect to call on me, is because of a need to know whether the rest of the class is also aware of he information, not just the over-exited know it all bouncing up and down in the front. From what I have been told when I mention this, my problem is not shared by the general populace.
This occurrence is by no means limited to school, anywhere people ask questions of a tangentially academic nature it is inevitable that I will dominate the discussion to the point where it is made clear to me that the reason I'm not being called on is in no way personal. Drivers ed, youth group, and church to the point where there is a known quota of how many questions I am allowed to answer.
Of course now that I'm in college there are other students who actually join in as well, which is a fascinating thing for me. It will be interesting to have some outside input.
Though I suppose since other people want to answer too, I shall have to learn to control myself.

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