Sunday, September 27, 2009

Les Immortels

The more French I encounter, the more I realize the language I am taught in class differs absurdly from the language my father (a native speaker) knows; my father has pointed this out as well. So in order to solve a mystery that plagues the nation, I asked the teacher why.
Apparently our textbooks are intended for American students (unsurprising), thus the vocabulary used is not a Canadian dialect; it is instead most likely developed using french as advised by L'Académie française in France, an advisory council for the french language.
Disregarding Canadian schools' odd textbook choices, the members of the French Academy have a most fascinating nickname: The Immortals. Pretty intense no? The reason for this name is that barring impropriety, members' terms are for life, as a consequence most of them are quite elderly; currently the youngest was born in 1952 and the oldest in 1908.

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