Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a Trap! D:

Yesterday I saw a poster with an ice-cream sundae on it. Being as it was clearly to my interests, I stopped to read it, in large friendly letters it said: Make your own sundae, September 9, 11:00-1:00, Free. Looking at my schedule I noted a large amount of available time that overlapped with the times stated on the poster. I decided that if I somehow managed to remember, I would go to the event to see what was what. I was so naive back then.
So today after French I sat at a table with a good view of most of the cafeteria. After about an hour, which I spent reading a book for English, I noted that the amount of tables being set up was excessive if only intended for serving ice-cream. By reading the label attached to the booths it became clear that the tables were all for liaisons from different companies and organizations.
I still couldn't see any ice-cream, so I wandered into the fray.
The first people I passed were three different groups of bank employees asking students to sign up for visas, they gave me a highlighter shaped like a triangle and then talked to me about how it was important to get a credit score before one became in debt due to the expense of secondary education. I politely told them, "Shut up you're not my mom!"...I mean, "No, thank you."
Next I happened upon a booth dedicated to pregnancy safety and the importance of abstaining from alcohol while pregnant. I accepted a few pamphlets and alcohol free drink recipes from the ladies at the booth, but I declined to pester them with questions as I know most of the facts and am a teetotaler on general principal i.e. not their target audience.
At this point people started walking by me with ice-cream, yet still no sign of the source. I took note of where those with frozen deliciousness were coming from and headed there with determination in my heart.
On my quest I saw a Grande Prairie Public Library booth, an GP Art Gallery booth, a 2010 Winter Games booth, and I wandered too close to the STI awareness booths and was given a lollipop, a pen, and a condom. If I ever figure out the thought process that led to that particular combination of items, I'll be sure to let you all know.
After battling (Read: strolling haphazzardly) down a narrow hall, I finally came upon the table of ice-cream!
Unfortunatly the table was far too buzy, so instead I ate a banana from the nutrition booth. It was tasty.
I had a point, didn't I?

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