Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 3


I woke up today to a back ache significantly worse than is has been for the last four days. I think I may have done something moderately serious to a muscle of my right shoulder, but I have not an idea what considering the most strenuous activity I generally participate in without stretching is a slow walk or power nap.

Today was the first day of lessons and I am ever so glad. I feel far more comfortable when I'm in a classroom than when I'm in a summer camp-like one. In any case I am feeling more confident now that I've had my first lesson and I know I understand what's being taught.

According to my results I'm in level four out of six (one being the easiest) but my instructor mentioned that I may want to try five, because I may not find four challenging. This part of the conversation was pretty amusing:


Le professeur: You might find this too easy because of your strong French base.


Jessie: I've only been studying French since September.


LP: Are you kidding?


J: ...no.


Either I should take this as a complement or it's a combination of my French last name and my tendency of mimicking accents.

The cafeteria signs amuse me; they give both the retail price of the items and the price for students in residence.


Bananas                                      0.45                          0.65

Chips/Candy                               1.25                          1.25


The administration strongly suggests you have a banana.



I started making a marionette today, (crafts being my favorite summer camp-like thing) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was also late because I didn't know when it started, that was upsetting. Next we tour the city! On a bus...



Huge spider in my bedroom. I don't know spider in French but this guy has a legspan an inch long. I'm going to defenestrate him immediately.



My first time in a double-decker bus! We just took a tour of the city and around half the students are staying in the city and the remaining half are returning to the university, I'm with the latter. It was a nice trip and I got tea at the Empress. Note I did not have tea, I just purchased some as well as a tea bag squeezer.

There seems to be a French children’s song called "Je suis une pizza."


French Phrase of the Day


Pourquoi est la soupe une femme?

Why is soup a woman?

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