Monday, July 5, 2010

La Maison Francaise - Day 2

Day 2


First thing today I took a shower in the communal bathing room on my floor. That was pretty nice, though I can see why the curtain is weighted down. It is far too friendly and keeps trying to touch me.

Today I'm going to scope out the cafeteria and see if I can find some serviceable tea making implements, hot water at the very least.

Next we all take a placement test and are grouped according to the results.


The test today was about what I expected. The first two "easy" portions I completed masterfully, the third "advanced" level I might as well have spun a wheel because I was guessing. After that we were led away in groups to have oral interviews. I think I scored somewhere mid to low-intermediate, but we won't receive the score until tomorrow. I also spent a half hour lost looking for the cafeteria, disoriented and cranky because I hadn't eaten in hours, angry at everything from passing bystanders to stop signs and bunnies. I'm really, really not a nice person when I'm hungry.


My new student ID is now in the works and I'm outside the building waiting for it. I've been using the sun as a compass point because it's much easier to use a map when one knows which way is north. I'm in the north and the sun move eastward during the day, therefore the sun is to the southeast around mid-afternoon, very helpful. They say there will be a campus tour at 3:30, but at that point I think I will finally have lost myself enough times that I know where everything is.

I may simply look through the bookstore instead.


I have my new ID and I must say I look completely stoned, as I do in all my important documentation.


Why are there urinals in the women's washroom?


There is a karaoke bar in the student union.


Went to a campfire on the beach today, I think it was enjoyable; other than the prevailing wind pattern that blew smoke in my eyes and my non-existent love of bus rides that is. The social part was nice and the ocean was pretty.


The students of the program have a certain amount of points to use on food during their stay and it recommended that they use no more than 950 points everyday. I don't think this system will be a problem at least for me as in one day I've used a total of 430. Others may have more difficulty, as I know of at least one who used over 800 by 1:00.


French Phrase of the Day


Les lapins nous regardent. Toujours.


The rabbits watch us. Always.

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