Sunday, July 4, 2010

La Maison Française Journal de Jessie -Day 1

July 4, 2010



Mom and dad just saw me through security, so now I'm on my own. So far

my original flight was canceled and the airport experienced a power 

outage, but i am rerouting through Edmonton and the power returned

shortly after. Both good omens and bad, though such things have no

control over what will happen or even what is likely to happen.



My first flight was overbooked by one passenger and slightly delayed,

no doubt the staff of the airport are experiencing a great deal of 

stress today. Due to the delay my arrival time was 11:00 instead of

10:20, as my next boarding time was 11:05 this was... distressing. I'm

not one for emoticons but I believe T_T is appropriate.

My current plane is a larger, more tech-heavy model in comparison with

the last. Every passenger has a personal screen, headphone Jack, USB

port, and a funny-looking electrical outlet which I think is both

North American/European plug compatible.

I fell asleep on the last flight though it only lasted approx. 55

minutes, this habit will no doubt land me In trouble one day. Perhaps

I'll take a bus to Calgary and end up in Costa Rica because of an ill-

timed nap.



I have arrived at the university of Victoria, it is bunny-covered as usual. I forgot my luggage at the airport, but I've already contacted someone about it and they are bringing it to the university.

So far I've discovered that Vancouver Island has an prodigious cougar population, a large portion of my more vocal classmates speak little or no French at all, and that is why the course councilors are talking slowly and pantomiming.



My first afternoon of French immersion and so far it's pretty nice. I took a nap earlier because I was cranky and a wee bit paranoid which isn't the best combination when I need to talk to people.


Well-meaning French councilor: Bonjour!

Jessie: Bonjour...

WMFC: Comment ça va?

J: *kidney punch*


J: Très bien, merci.

Bad Jessie.

All that and only one huge mistranslation! (Simon aime la délicatesse d'un bébé lapin, does not mean that Simon eats baby bunnies.)



French Phrase of the Day


Il y a une cuillère sur le toit du bâtiment.

There is a spoon on the roof of the building.

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