Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 4

I don't feel very confident about today's class, though this is likely
my usual paranoia and superiority complex. Though I did end up
explaining Quebec's provincial motto "Je me souviennes" for the class
which helped my mood a little.
At least now I know some of the rules behind future tense.
My main problem in French immersion so far is neither understanding
nor communicating, it is in fact the same problem I have in English:
social skills. Particularly now that I do not know how to say all the
social niceties that I do in English.
I'm having some trouble finding people to speak to in French, most of
the immersion students switch to English when ever The councilors are
out of range and the councilors and professors seem too busy. The

other students often ask me how to say thing though.

Played an exciting/exhausting game of soccer for two hours today and
received another back ache from an interesting fall, I drank around a
litre of liquid afterwards. I also saw someone eat French fries with
tater tots on the side as the entirety of their meal. Healthy no?
Apparently there are a couple of students here who have no desire
whatsoever to learn French. I wonder why someone would enter into a
course they can receive nothing they need or want from. I heard one
say he only wanted to see the west coast which... though he is in one of the advances classes.... 
We're going into the city soon to play pool. Most of the planed
activities are not favorites of mine but they're very enjoyable when
allowed to be. There is a minimum participation goal of 7 events a

week, but I'm just going to go to them all if I can.

I'm far more tired than I usually am at this time, even accounting for
the time zone difference. I spent today playing pool and talking to a
guy named Trevor who is very determined to learn and is taking
French for the first time. It was nice to talk to someone equally

enthusiastic about this.

French Phrase of the Day

Il faut écrire un roman pendent manger un citron.

One must write a novel while eating a lemon

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