Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 5


I'm starting in the morning again because I've quite at lot of time

before class starts and I didn't forget the iPod I'm writing this on

in my dorm room.

I'm tempted to start waking up earlier than 7 because of the major

rush of English as a second language students when I'm in the

cafeteria, but I already wake very early considering the first event

in my day is an 8:30 class in a building less than a five minute walk

away. It's not the lines; the only food I want has no line whatsoever

unlike the sausages and eggs; it's just hard to complete my finicky

tea ritual when I'm trying to stay out of the way of the flock of

people trying to get coffee and I can't go far because I need the

cream dispenser. *sigh*


Spending four hours in class without eating gives me a headache but

when I went to get food during a break there was no one manning the

till. Since I couldn't just take something I'm now very, very hungry.

Today I finish my marionette: he shall be an evil overlord with a fine


Class today was good and I think I did well. I'm beginning to

understand future simple and I'm able to communicate well with the

councilors. The best part of class came after our professor had people

repeat a several words a few times for pronunciation, when he mentioned

the difference between dessert and desert the entire class started

chanting "dessert, dessert, dessert."


I finished my marionette and he is a handsome fellow! His name is

Monsieur Amicable (Mister Friendly) he has a dark cape scary eyebrows

and horns and I like him very much. I used him to talk to the

councilors and to arrange going on the trip to Buchart Gardens.


I forgot to eat supper today, perhaps I shouldn't admit to that since

I will likely be reprimanded. Low blood sugar is a problem for me

because I don't feel hunger

We went on a pleasant hike today, though I wish the pace were more

relaxed. I was about 10 metres behind a few minutes into the walk and

over 30 metres soon after. I dawdle at the best of times and I slow

terribly On hills. I'm like a old junk car that's bought during

financial straights and kept for sentimental value.

I finished the day with a hour long hot shower because with my

previous shoulder ache, various muscle aches from walking, and my...

tailbone pain from soccer it's starting to hurt.


Day 6


Started today nearly mixing up my two kinds of medication and since I

only have anti-anxiety and a sleep aid, that might have ended the day

as well. I’m not planning on operating any heavy machinery, but I’d still rather not drool on anyone today.

I was at the cafeteria a bit later than usual today and apparently

it's even busier at that time. The line up was terrifying but my usual

2-3 bananas were still easy enough to obtain. Class was alright, but I’m a touch frustrated with the time limit given for our tests, ten minutes isn’t long enough for me to answer even half of the questions and though I know it isn’t a serious exam it still upsets me.

I have a blue 4 on my face and we’re going to have an in-house Olympics.


My team won. Weird. That was pretty fun though. When everyone left I

was left behind again. Oh well, At least only one person got covered

in egg.

I feel too warm by far but I should eat before the next activity.


Went to the beach and made a sand castle, I worry that I am missing

the point of these activities because I don't talk much while doing

them. I still feel very warm; perhaps I've had too much sun.

It turns out there were too many people signed for the three day camping trip and they had to draw names. Mine wasn’t pulled, but I’m not upset, I’ll have other thing to do.

French Phrase of the Day


Vouloir c’est pouvoir.

(French proverb)


Wanting to is being able to.

(Translation of French proverb)


This one is interesting, because rather than being an example of my usual word-salad, this is a common proverb. It’s similar in meaning to ‘where there’s a will there’s a way.’

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